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ppe vending machinesWe not only stock your typical food and beverage systems, but we also have medical and ppe vending machines available to those who need them.

If you’re involved in any type of business which requires the use of safety equipment,  then our models will be perfect for you. A common sector who are using these systems is the mining industry, however other industrial type sectors are getting involved as well.

There are many benefits to using a ppe system. However, when it all comes down it, this amazing piece of technology will save you thousands of dollars in lost and stolen equipment. This is the main reason companies decide on purchasing a PPE vending machine.

It’s unfortunate but the truth is, a companies own staff do steal various items and equipment or simply take them home for some reason. This happens in all industries, but especially industries where items are distributed freely without any records being taken.

If you are interested, please continue reading our FAQ below to gain a greater understanding about what these units can do for your business/company:

What are PPE Vending Machines?
A (Personal Protective Equipment)  system that dispenses safety equipment for your staff/contractors to use. The unit can dispense, record data and track an item to the user, as well as keep records of inventory levels.

What are the benefits?

  • Workplace Safety

Restricting your safety items in a tidy confined space is a definitely a safer way to store and distribute your ppe items. It can be very dangerous to have items like helmets,  respirators and earplugs scattered around the workplace. By placing your equipment in a ppe machine, you’ll also be demonstrating your organisations commitment to OH&S which will showcase a positive image and perhaps may prevent accidents between staff/customers.

  • Eliminate Stolen PPE supplies and Keep A Record Of Users

A very exciting aspect to these systems are their ability to keep a record of exactly who is using your equipment. As the master of the unit, you’ll be able to assign a card to each employee  which must be used to dispense an item. The machine automatically makes a log of the users name and which item they have removed from the machine. As already mentioned, this feature alone can possible save you tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long run.

A recent case study shows that a bottling and packaging company that has opted to use our PPE systems,  has been able to reduce their usage by a whopping 49%.

How Do They Work?
These units are very easy to use and come equipped with some very special technology. Firstly the machine has a card reader installed which collaborates with the cards that will be issued out to your staff. The user simply swipes their card and their chosen item will be dispensed.

Whenever a staff member is in need of an item he or she will scan/swipe their smart card into the note reader and their item will be dispensed. Once this is done, a few things take place and data is recorded:

  • Machine ID (location)
  • Item (ie: goggles/Medium)
  • Date and time the item was dispensed from system
  • Name of the user and their ID details

The unit is also is connected to a server via a (LAN) connection or a GPRS modem if you prefer. It talks to the software which allows for extra features.

What Do I Do If A Card Is Misplaced?
Since the cards don’t have any real money value attached to them, if a card is lost it won’t be an issue. As the administrator, you are able to deactivate the cards as well as set predetermined spending amounts for each user.

This Sounds Great, But What Else Can It Do?

  •  Generate Online Reports thought software, which shows you what exactly has been dispensed and its corresponding users
  • Monitor inventory levels in real time so you can keep an eye on stock levels
  • Reduce your paperwork and automate a generally tedious process

We here at BL Melbourne are committed to providing the best value for money ppe vending machines. We encourage you to give us a call on 1300 629 153 to find out our best price. Additionally you can contact us by email.


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