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new vending machineMelbourne Free Vending Machines can offer your business a wide range of products & services to suit any of your vending needs.  We stock the largest range vending machine products, along with the best customer support in the industry!

Our aim isl is to supply you with a fault free system that continues to work for many years to come. We understand the last thing you need is to spend time on a unit that keeps breaking down or that causes issues .

You can rest assured that when buying from BL Melbourne, you’re getting the very best in vending quality. If you’re considering our own brand systems, we stock both the BV3 and BV5 models. Both look the same however the BV5 is a much larger size. The Bv3 stacks 3 levels wide, where the Bv5 has 5 levels.

  • BV5: Height: 1830mm, depth: 830mm, width: 1035mm
  • BV3: Height: 1830mm, depth: 830mm, width: 760mm

You can either outright purchase or fill out the form below to order a free machine for your workplace!

BV3/BV5 Machine Features:

  • Glass front display allows for better presentation and increased sales by at least 20% over closed systems. Improved energy efficiency containing an  insulation pad above the third shelf . This allows the lower section to be set at a certain temperature (as low as 1 degree if needed) with the  top area maintaining a warmer temperature that’s 10 warmer.
  • You will also save money on energy costs thanks to the machines superior LED lighting.  This feature will also allow more vibrant stock presentation over fluorescent lighting.Keep more users happier for longer thanks to the  iVend Guaranteed Delivery System installed. This is a sensor which guarantees the delivery of stock. This of course will also reduce services call and other such time wasting issues.
  • The coin slider mechanism will limit the amount of coins a user may insert into the machine at a time. What this does is eliminate coins jamming/getting stuck inside the system.
  • The keypad is set at a much more user friendly height for wheelchair users.
  • More than sufficient space to store a large variety of product.
  • CoinCo Coin Mechanism and CoinCo note reader installed.

As you can see, our systems host a large range of features and a whole lot more you may have not expected. If you would like get your hands on new vending machines, please call us on 1300 629 153 or view out contact page



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Impressive range of products. The whole team has been supportive and very friendly during the whole process. We are absolutely loving our new vending machine!