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Melbourne Vending is dedicated to supplying customers with a range of vending machine products and services to suit all budgets. Although we do recommend you buy new units when possible,  sometimes this is not a realistic option for everyone and a second hand machine may be a better choice.

By purchasing one of our used  models it’s a good way to save money, increase flexibility and also reduce your risk.  Doing so allows you to test out a greater number of sites without investing a whole lot, since they won’t cost you as much.

Our company stocks a number of used reliable systems from Seaga, Dixie, Azkoyen,  Vendo, Royal drink and Narco.

There is also the option to order a second hand Benleigh unit which is our own brand (details can be found below)

– Our own brand system
– More affordable than buying new
– Will save you space
– Hassle free experience
– Up to 5 combos
– One size – 1660mm (H) x 785mm (W) x 800mm (D)
– Friendly, experienced and reliable staff to assist you

Our company has 22 years experience offering quality Australian’s vending machines. We are growing day by day, and have a large customer base that is happy with our service.

If you’re interested in more information on our 2nd handing systems, please phone us on  1300 629 153


1300 629 153 quick enquiry

Impressive range of products. The whole team has been supportive and very friendly during the whole process. We are absolutely loving our new vending machine!