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We here at BL Melbourne are happy to announce that we are a distributor for the Seaga International. Seaga is a US based vending company that is very popular in America and even worldwide. They provide the world with a large range of units, including bulk units, cold vending, coffee, as well as bill changers.

Seaga have been in operation for over 25 years, which is even longer than our 17 years in business! Together we provide customers with the best products and services in all of Australia.

Although we are expanding our own BL range of machines, we still stock some Seaga parts which may include the  Elite, SS series, and VS3800 series.

Our specialist team are happy to assist you with any technical difficulties you may have with these systems or provide you with help on the appropriate parts you need.

Feel free to contact us on 1300 629 153. Alternatively you can visit our contact page


1300 629 153 quick enquiry

Impressive range of products. The whole team has been supportive and very friendly during the whole process. We are absolutely loving our new vending machine!